Sunday, August 7, 2011

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Wholeness ethics is coming, with the publication of Stepping Up: Wholeness Ethics for Prisoners and Those Who Care About Them by Troy K. Chapman. Published by The Whole Way Press.

“…It was about stepping up as a man and deciding to serve my larger self rather than my smaller self. It was a decision to no longer be governed by my feelings, my pain, my failures, limitations or circumstances, but rather to be governed by a clear vision based on what I love rather than what I fear. And it was about making some atonement for the harm I had caused in this world.” —Troy K. Chapman in Stepping Up

Men and women in prison are seen by society as problems and burdens. This book begins with a different premise: that you can be a solution, not only in the world but in your own life as well. It’s about a way of living called wholeness ethics and it’s based on the simple truth that we find our own wholeness only in right relationship with the world.

From the perspective of his 30 years behind bars, author Troy Chapman offers a roadmap for living this truth and moving toward soundness, well-being and the realization of one’s larger purpose. Distilling experience to four essential relationships — with yourself, others, the transcendent and nature — Chapman shows how to consider each in the light of ethical thinking and restore wholeness to each one.

With down-to-earth examples and language, compassion and good humor, this book will help you "step up" to your true purpose, transform your life and your relationships, and help create a better world in the process.

Check back for publication date.

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