Sunday, September 25, 2011

Quotable Quote

... we don’t just make maps of places. We make maps of everything. If you’ve ever baked a cake, put oil in your car, tied your shoes, or changed your underwear (and I hope you’ve done at least one of these) you have a map of the process in your brain. If you can whistle or hum a tune it’s because you’ve heard the tune, made a map of it, and are following that map as you play back the melody. In fact, everything you’ve ever done in your life, everything anyone else has ever told you about — even if you thought they were lying or crazy and you made a mental guess at the truth — has been turned into a map in your brain....

"We make maps and we use them to get around in life. But what happens if a map is wrong? Imagine you want to go from Point A to Point B. You pick up a map or create one yourself but it’s completely messed up. It’s got roads mislabeled, roads indicated where there are none, swamps and rivers where the actual roads are, and so on. How well are you going to travel using this map? And what if Point B, the place we want to get to, isn’t a physical place? What if we’re reading screwed-up maps to places like “Success,” “Happiness,” “Manhood,” “Honor” and “the Good Life”?

Read more about how your map of reality affects your perception of the world and your wholeness in Stepping Up: Wholeness Ethics for Prisoners and Those Who Care About Them.

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