Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ethics Banned

Well, they’ve cancelled the Ethics Project here at Kinross Correctional Facility. Not sure what we’re accused of; the official reason was that we are not an approved program. Since we’ve been running for seven years this seems a little odd.

The tragedy is that like all things in our legal system, once a decision is made, it’s highly unlikely that it will ever be reversed. We’ll see. What I can say for sure is that the Ethics Project is hereby officially banned in Michigan prisons.


  1. Maryann and Troy:

    Banning a low/no cost program that can make lasting change in prisoners' lives, help change the culture within prisons, and potentially reduce the burden on the prison system long-term is a classic bureaucratic tragedy.

    Would writing letters from the outside help reverse this? If so, who should we write to?


  2. Good!!! Shut him and "ethics" project down. Where were his ethics when he killed a person? He should have no rights! Not to teach anything! Not to publish books! Not to even speak!