Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Michigan Prison: Wrong Place for Right Relationship?

My book, “Stepping Up: Wholeness Ethics for Prisoners and Those Who Care About Them,” has recently been marked by prison officials as “a threat to the good order and security of the facility.”
A hearing has been requested and Michigan Department of Corrections officials may override this decision and allow the book in. I understand their concern, as a prisoner could potentially attempt to use a book to some criminal end.
This is certainly not the case with Stepping Up, however, and everything in it is what the DOC should be advocating itself. Hopefully this situation will be corrected as it should be and DOC will not ban a book encouraging prisoners to “do only what increases wholeness in yourself and in the world” and to live in right relationship in all areas of their lives.
I’ll keep you posted.


  1. That's crazy, I've been reading this book and it has nothing that can be construed as a "threat" to anyone or anything. If more prisoners were into Troy's Ethic Blogs and acting accordingly, the prison officials should be praising it, not condemning/questioning it.

  2. Have they read it? The book is all good and so inspiring. What has the world come to?