Sunday, February 26, 2017

Creating Real Security

There's been lots of talk about security in our country lately. The greatest security apparatus ever invented by humans is healthy community.

Wall-building, law-and-order types have the cause and effect exactly backwards on this. Healthy community creates law and order, not the other way around. When we get this backward and try to impose law and order by force, threats, punishment and turning people against each other, we destroy the only source of sustainable security we have and lock ourselves into a never-ending spiral of insecurity.

If this sounds familiar, don't be surprised. Those selling protection love this destructive cycle, and one strain of American politics has embraced it wholeheartedly over the past 40 years. They've waged endless wars, built the largest prison system in the world with some of the most draconian sentences, — but where is the security each generation of them has promised?

All we hear from them is more of the same. "We're in danger, the world is falling apart. We need more law and order, more prisons, harsher sentences, a bigger military."

If you really want security and aren't just an angry person who likes hurting and villainizing people, start building community now.

Let your first act be to shut down the protection salesmen. Overcome the fear they are sowing and reject their absurd claim that we have to violate our values to save them.

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